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Parla European Medical Center: Where Your Health and Beauty Flourish, Guided by Expertise and Care

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Parla European Medical Center, a premier medical facility in Dubai, upholds the highest quality standards in healthcare. Renowned as one of the best hospitals in Dubai, we integrate cutting-edge technologies and methods to ensure excellence in medical and beauty services.

Experienced team

Our center hosts highly experienced and skilled medical professionals, each excelling in their specialties.

Advanced technology

We use cutting-edge medical and cosmetic technologies for advanced and effective services.

Safe, clean environment

Ensuring cleanliness and health safety standards to guarantee patient comfort and safety.

Tattoo Removal in Dubai

Tattoo Removal


Botox & Fillers

Skin Treatment in Dubai

Dermatology Consultation

Hydrafacial in Dubai


Hair Treatment in Dubai

Hair Treatment

Hair Bleaching in Dubai

Hair Bleaching

Fractional Laser Treatment in Dubai

Fractional Laser


Carbon & Chemical Peel

Laser Treatment in Dubai

Laser Treatment


Hair Removal

Facial Treatments in Dubai

Facial Treatments

The best of our services

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Ayurvedic Treatment

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Ozone Therapy

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Stone Cure

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Best Medical Center in Dubai

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Contact us at Phone: +971 43 41 1719 & Mobile: +971 56 312 9591. We’re here to help, so feel free to reach out!

Comprehensive Treatment

Range of Specialized Services

Discover our specialized services catering to beauty, dermatology, hair, and body treatments for a holistic wellness experience



Achieve your aesthetic goals with our range of cosmetic treatments, including Botox, fillers, HydraFacial, and laser hair removal.


Hair and Scalp

Restore and rejuvenate your hair and scalp health with our advanced treatments, including hair transplants, PRP therapy, and laser therapy.



Experience expert care for various skin conditions with our dermatological treatments, addressing concerns like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal:

Laser hair and tattoo removal at Parla offers safe, effective, and lasting results for smooth, clear skin and confident

One of the most comfortable and professional medical center in Dubai they have professional doctors and they have a lot of service with an amazing prices

Mohamed Zakaria

I visited this clinic for my laser session and it was amazing. The set up is aesthetic ambiance and the staff are professionals and calming. They provide quality service and great location as well. Highly recommended to visit.

Kamae Cabalda

Highly recommend this clinic. I had a great experience with Dr Zainab, she is very professional and I am very satisfied with her work. All the staff are very friendly and professional too.

Dalia Hemdan

Choosing Parla was one of the best decisions I made for my health and beauty needs. The staff's professionalism and genuine concern for the patient's well-being create a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere. The use of state-of-the-art technologies showcases their dedication to staying ahead in the field.


Parla European Medical Center exceeded my expectations in every way. The level of personalized care and attention to detail was unparalleled. The team's expertise and commitment to excellence shine through in their innovative approach to healthcare and beauty.


Parla European Medical Center is more than a healthcare provider; it's a sanctuary of excellence. The focus on patient-centered care and the commitment to utilizing the latest advancements make every visit a positive and transformative experience.

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Our location

West Zone Mall - Al Mizhar - Al Mizhar 1 - Dubai

Opening Hours

8 AM - 6 PM,
Monday - Saturday Friday Off


Phone: +971 43 41 17190
Phone: +971 56 312 9591

Frequently Asked Questions

Our medical center is one of the top hospitals in Dubai, we offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services including consultations with specialists, diagnostic tests, treatments for various medical conditions, preventive care, and minor surgical procedures.

Yes, we, Parla, better than the best medical centers in Sharjah, prioritize personalized care by offering consultations with experienced healthcare professionals who tailor treatment plans to meet individual patient needs.

Like the top medical facility in Sharjah, we also offer walk-in appointments for patients seeking urgent care or non-emergency medical services. However, it’s advisable to call ahead to check availability.

Our medical center gives top priority to patients, has a team of professionals with experience in healthcare, provides a wide range of services, has a location that is easy to reach, secures appointment slots, and enjoys positive makeup of the patients, therefore our mission is to ensure that you get your health needs addressed professionally.

Our medical center excels and is distinguishable on the basis of the strong quality of health service delivery, patients and community centered care, high use of cutting edge technology and application of highest standards of quality and safety.

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